Extranet for UWC members

The new extranet for all UWC members is now live.

Go to Extranet to register.
UWC members are UWC students, alumni, staff members, volunteers, former volunteers or former staff members.

10 reasons to join the extranet:

   1) Find your co-years or other UWC members living near you ÔÇô use the extranet directory.

   2) Promote your initiatives ÔÇô write a news story or post a notice

   3) Find out what is happening around UWC ÔÇô at the schools, colleges, national committees and at International Board

       and UWC Council meetings

   4) Find out about job opportunities, internships or places to stay ÔÇô posted under noticeboard

   5) Engage in UWC debates ÔÇô space to share your views on issues like the student code of conduct, ÔÇśbrain drain, the

       strategic plan

   6) Discuss issues important to you and get  answers to your questions on the forums

   7) Update your contact details to make sure you receive United World, or if you prefer not to receive it to opt out.

   8) Share and find out about UWC related events taking place across the world.

   9) Share resources with other members ÔÇô either from your college/school or all members.

   10) Participate in polls and surveys